DECUS Library Compendium Authorization

The DECUS Library Compendium has been under seige from both Optimum Lightpath Security and Cyscon GmbH with threats of blacklisting, termination of service, and lawsuits if the DECUS Library Compendium is not taken down. These threats are due to the fact that the DECUS Library Compendium permits direct downloads of executable files which, as claimed by the aformentions entities, is a security risk. Nothing on this site is foisted upon those who visit it and therefore, their charges are without merit, and untrue and libelous. It is the intent of the Regents of the DECUS Library Compendium to not cower to these threats and demands. The information contained in the DECUS Library Compendium is both valuable and historic information, and volumes of it predate both the Optimum Lightpath (20-Jun-1994) and Cyscon GmbH (25-Sep-2011) despotism.

Therefore, as appeasement to these internet neutrality adversaries — the numbnuts at Optimum Lightpath Security and the plonkers at Cyscon GmbH, both being collectives of habitual wankers who have been dictating what information can be FREELY published, disseminated and shared on the internet — you must now acknowledge and accept full responsibility for any and all consequences from the executable files which you download from this site. In fact, you cannot directly download anything considered to be an executable file which is the reason for you being redirected to this page.


The Regents of the DECUS Library Compendium and its librarians.


By correctly answering the question below, you are acknowledging that you accept FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY AND ALL CONSEQUENCES FROM anything downloaded from the DECUS Library Compendium.