Software Products

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This utility can detect the following software products. Click on a product name to search all installed versions of this product in the cluster. See the online help to add the recognition of new products.
Ada               DECforms          GKS               ObjectBroker
Basic             DECmigrate        GKS-3D            Pascal
Bliss-32          DECnet/OSI        KAP C             Pathworks
C                 DECps Collector   KAP Fortran       PCA
C++               DECps Analyzer    LSE               PHIGS
CMS               DECwindows/Motif  Macro-64          POSIX
Cobol             DECwrite          Message Router    Rdb
DCPS              DTM               MR X.400          UCX
Defrag            DXML              MMS               VAX C
DEC/EDI           Fortran           Notes
Also available in detailed format.