Site powered by WASD and VMS    Welcome.  This page provides some basic information on, and access to, the "WASD VMS Hypertext Services" package, version 5.2, OpenVMS Freeware CD Release

All of the software and documentation in this package is Copyright © 1996-1998 Mark G. Daniel, licenced under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence as published by the Free Software Foundation; version 2 of the License, or any later version.

Here is a brief overview the WASD HTTPd package.

  • The server can be used on VMS V6.n and 7.1 (probably 7.2), Alpha and VAX, using these TCP/IP environments, and supports these features. The package provides a number of VMS-useful scripts including

    • "Bookreader" (both DECW$BOOK and BNU)
    • Help and Text library access
    • System Performance Information utility

  • Refer to the Technical Overview of the package for detailed information (remembering that when accessing the documentation via file:// the on-line server demonstrations will not work!).

    A PostScript version of this document is available for viewing with VMS CDA Viewer or GhostScript (if installed on your system), or for printing. Make sure the freeware CD is mounted /SYSTEM then

     $ PRINT /QUEUE=postscript-queue cd:[HTTPD_WASD.DOC]HTD.PS

    This is a large document, so if you have a printer providing two pages per sheet and/or double-sided it is recommended to submit the job with the appropriate parameters!

  • The Technical Overview includes detail at various levels on how to install the package. It does not require compiling, just a relink. Installation is basically a three step process.

    1. Restore the archive.
        $ SET DEFAULT device:[000000]
        $ UNZIP "-V" cd:[HTTPD_WASD]HTROOT52.ZIP

    2. Install the package.
        $ SET DEFAULT device:[HT_ROOT]
        $ @INSTALL

    3. Customize the package to suit your site's exact requirements.

  • If you are currently reading this on a system connected to the Internet then check out the demonstration site, where the package's features are available for on-line evaluation.

Hope you find it useful!

Updates, etc.

As of the date below, the following is the primary distribution site for full packges, new versions, updates, bugfixes, other support packages, etc.

The following European mirror site is also available.

Mark G.Daniel
Last revised 5th September 1998