The OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

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Chapter 13
Finding and using Software

13.1 Where can I find freeware/shareware/software for OpenVMS?

The DFU tool (see the OpenVMS Freeware)

The pair:

$ set file 'p1' /acl=(ident=[system],access=none) 
$ set file 'p1' /acl=(ident=[system],access=none) /delete 


The following hack:

$!   Command procedure SETDATE.COM 
$!   Changes the DATES for an input file to a 
$!   file named OUTFILE. 
$assign/nolog 'p1' outfile 
$convert/fdl=sys$input 'p1' outfile: 
creation   01-apr-2010 
expiration 01-Apr-2012 
revision   01-Apr-2011 

The following RMS system service sequence:

13.2 Where can I find UNIX tools for OpenVMS?

13.2.1 POSIX-compliant versions of POSIX routines and utilities

lex, yacc, grep, tar, uuencode, uudecode, rcs, man, cpio, make, awk, ar, mail, etc., the POSIX shell, the POSIX C programming interface, etc.

POSIX utilities can be used from within the POSIX shell, and via the DCL `POSIX/RUN POSIX$BIN:tool.' command.

POSIX is a separately-installed package, and is licensed with OpenVMS V5.5 later. The POSIX installation kit is included on the consolidated distribution CD-ROM kit, and installation kits are also available separately.

The POSIX package is no longer supported on OpenVMS, components of the POSIX standard such as parts of the POSIX API are being added into OpenVMS. Versions of POSIX generally do not operate on V7.x OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS Alpha releases.

13.2.2 C system and library routines

Common C system and library routines are present in the DEC C run-time library, which is available for V5.5 and later, and is shipped in V6.1 and later. DEC C is the upgrade for VAX C, DEC C and VAX C can coexist on the same system OpenVMS VAX system, and both compilers can be enabled via the "C" license PAK.

Also see SYS$EXAMPLES:, and (if either is installed) the DECW$EXAMPLES: and TCPIP$EXAMPLES (or prior to V5.0, UCX$EXAMPLES:) areas.

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